Newsletter- July/ August 2021

Welcome to the July/August 2021 chapter newsletter. Spring has sprung, and like the gophers that populate our prairies, many of us are timidly peeking out our caves and tiptoeing back into society. Here’s hoping everyone is vaccinated or will be very soon! And, as always, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Let us know what you think, and remember, you can also read it on the chapter website. You can find previous newsletters on the website as well.

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New Chapter President-Elect

Please welcome our new President-Elect. Dr. Abayomi Olaniyi MBBS, MPH, PhD is a Public Health practitioner and instructor with Saskatoon Health Region. Dr. Olaniyi has over 30 years of experience, specifically in the area of health program design, planning, promotion, surveillance, and implementation of intervention strategies that improve communicable and non-communicable disease outcomes in the community. In addition, Dr. Olaniyi has acquired research skills that include knowledge of conducting qualitative and quantitative research methodologies using varieties of databases.

Urgent Need for Volunteers!

Programming Chair, Finance Committee Chair, and Co-Secretary

The AMWA North Central chapter is looking for a new Programming Chair, Finance Committee Chair, and Co-Secretary. Please consider volunteering!

AMWA North Central is a volunteer-based organization. If members don’t take an active role, the chapter will cease to function, and members will lose access to programming, news, and networking opportunities. Consider taking your turn to lead (or join) a committee or serve as a chapter officer.

Please submit your interest or nominations for any of the positions to bod (at) list.amwanorthcentral (dot) org

The following positions are open:

  • Programming Committee Chair: The Program Committee Chair is responsible for organizing AMWA events throughout the year, including identifying topics of interest and recruiting speakers. This is an important role in AMWA and is valuable for both member engagement and education.
  • Finance Committee Chair: The Finance Committee Chair conducts the annual audit of chapter finances alongside the treasurer. They are also welcome to attend the monthly BOD meetings, if they would like.
  • Co-Secretary: This position is vital to our chapter! The Co-Secretary will serve a 1-year term starting January 2022 along with the current Secretary, and ideally transition to the role of Secretary the following year. The Co-Secretary will attend the monthly AMWA NC chapter board meetings and assist the Secretary in managing the chapter’s website,  distributing the monthly newsletter by email, and sending email communications about upcoming events.

In addition to keeping our group viable, volunteering with AMWA is a great way to network with your fellow members. It’s also a good way to fortify your C.V. with an extra line showing how you give back to your profession! If you can volunteer a few hours a month to help, contact bod (at) list.amwanorthcentral (dot) org


July 29, 2021 Virtual Event: Careers in Health Informatics with Elizabeth Lindemann, MHA

Elizabeth Lindemann, MHA, is an Informatics Research Manager in the Institute for Health Informatics at the University of Minnesota. In her focus of Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction, she manages a team spanning multiple projects that support applications revolving around informatics, clinical research, and academia healthcare. Her overall career focus is the development and application of technology in healthcare delivery and research to support learning healthcare system environments.

Elizabeth will speak about her career path in health informatics and how medical writing and grant management support her team and research platforms. There will be time at the end for an open discussion on questions from the audience.

When: July 29th 2021 at 6:00 PM Central Time via Zoom.

Book Club hosted by Paul Mamula

Book: Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment by James H. Jones

When: Monday, September 27th, 2021 at 6:00 pm Central Time via Zoom

RSVP: Please email Book Club coordinator Paul Mamula to let him know you will attend before Monday, September 27th, if you have not done so already: paulpat (at) pclink (dot) com.


AMWA North Central Chapter Demographics 2021

By Kendra A. Hyland, PhD

The AMWA North Central Chapter members (96 members as of May 2021) were categorized based on their type of work or membership type, in the case of students.

The majority of members (36%) have a freelance membership or own a freelance writing and/or editing company.  The second highest category (17%) are employees of health care organizations, such as the Mayo Clinic or Park Nicollet. The third highest category (10%) are student members, followed by writes employed by contract research organizations (CRO, 8%).  The “University employee” category (7%) includes professors and writers employed by the University. The” Miscellaneous” category covers individuals employed at a variety of companies which didn’t fit in anywhere else, such as Nested Knowledge. The “Writing/editing company” employs more than one person.

The majority of AMWA North Central Chapter resides in Minnesota (72%) with remaining members living in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and states across the country (New Jersey).  Two members live in Canada.