What is AMWA?
The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the many needs of professional medical writers. AMWA provides education and training opportunities, resources, and a vast network of medical writers to its members.

What resources does AMWA offer?
AMWA offers many resources for medical writers employed in full-time or freelance positions. Some of these resources include online forums for specific interest, regional and annual meetings, educational opportunities, and a job listings board. A full listing of membership benefits is here.

What is the AMWA Annual Conference?
The annual conference, held in the autumn of each year, is an opportunity for AMWA members from around the country to network, take educational courses, meet their chapter members, look for jobs, and have fun. For more information about the upcoming annual conference, click here.

How do I become a member of AMWA?
You can enroll online. You will be assigned to the appropriate chapter on the basis of your location. Membership materials will be sent to you shortly thereafter.

Does AMWA offer student memberships?
Yes, discounted memberships are available for students, interns, residents, and postdoctoral fellows with documentation of enrollment.  Click here for details.

Who are the officers of the North Central chapter?
The chapter officers are listed here.

What is the upcoming meeting schedule?
Upcoming chapter meetings are shown on the calendar. The Twin Cities book club meeting schedule is posted here. The SE Minnesota AMWA Writers and Editors Discussion Group meeting schedule is posted here.

Where does my chapter hold meetings?
The chapter generally holds meetings in areas with the highest member density: Rochester, MN, and St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. The chapter tries to accommodate members by alternating meeting locations.

Upcoming meeting dates will be posted on the chapter home page.

How can I get involved with volunteer opportunities with my chapter?
Contact the officers of the North Central Chapter for more information on opportunities that might match your talents or interest level. Or, contact AMWA for opportunities at the national level.

Which chapter meetings can I attend?
Members of AMWA can attend chapter meetings of their local chapter, as well as the regional conferences of any chapter nationwide. Registration for the regional can be made by logging onto the individual chapter’s Web site or the AMWA website for the annual conference.

I am a freelancer. How can I connect with other AMWA freelancers?
A freelance directory is available to AMWA members (you must be logged in to view the members-only section of the AMWA Web site), and you can follow the freelance forum. You can also attend a regional or annual conference and network with many medical writers just like you!

What is a medical communicator?
According to AMWA, “Medical communicators write, edit, or develop materials about medicine and health. They do this by gathering, organizing, interpreting, and presenting information in a manner appropriate for the target audience.” If you would like more information about the field (including what medical communicators do, where they work, and how to learn the necessary skills), click here or here.

How can I get more information on medical writing salaries or freelance rates?
AMWA has published a salary survey, viewable by members only.

For more information
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