Spring 2012 Chapter Program

Health Care Innovation and Communication

We invite you to take a spring mini-break in Rochester with your AMWA friends and colleagues!

Friday, May 4
12:30 p.m.

Gonda Building, Mayo Clinic 

Rochester, Minn. (Detailed instructions will be sent to registrants.)

12:45 p.m. Light lunch/networking
1:30 p.m. Center for Innovation tour
2 p.m. Panel discussion
3 p.m. Additional networking

Event Description
Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI) is using a “think big, start small and move fast” philosophy to transform health care delivery. We will take a 30-minute guided tour of CFI and get a sneak preview of how medical care could look in the not-so-distant future. CFI employs patient-focused, multidisciplinary teams including strategists, researchers, engineers, designers, and communication specialists who are working to:

  • Improve the outpatient experience and maintain or enhance quality outcomes—all while reducing costs by 30%
  • Improve the health of the population while reducing per capita cost
  • Develop “care-at-a-distance” models
  • Promote healthy aging and independent living

Following the tour we will attend a panel discussion featuring members of the Public Affairs staff:

  • Karen Trewin, Public Affairs Manager  for Employee Communications and Practice Support
  • Randy Schwarz, Public Affairs Specialist at the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media
  • John Murphy, Public Affairs Specialist, Community Relations
  • <At least one more will be added>
  • Francesca Dickson (Moderator), Public Affairs Specialist supporting the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Collaboration is key at Mayo Clinic. Much like the care teams at Mayo Clinic, members of the Department of Public Affairs are part of a highly integrated team communicating to patients, employees, leadership and community members. We will have representative from social media, employee communications, practice support and community relations available to describe a little bit of their daily work and how it all comes together. This team creates strategic and daily content for materials both digitally and in print,  integrating key messages that create a world class patient experience and employee engagement like none other. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Topics suggested by the program committee that the panel will touch on include:

  • A “big picture” overview of public affairs communications in medicine
  • Specific roles of a public affairs person
  • The types of skills and training that makes one successful
  • Communication principles that people in the public affairs field apply
  • Types of functional areas that partner with public affairs and how that partnership works. For example, how do they interact with their marketing partners, their internal and external regulatory partners, etc?
  • Public affairs “rules” to apply when people are angry or upset
  • Ethical considerations
  • How has medical public relations evolved in the last 10 years and where is it going?

The event will conclude with additional time for networking and refreshments. This “innovative” event will get your creative medical writing juices flowing!

RSVP below or contact Marty Swain, Program Committee Chair at mheiberg at umn dot edu or 952-474-2466.
Deadline: May 1

Directions to the meeting location will be emailed to those who register.