Chapter Report – Spring 2016


Spring 2016 – Board of Directors Meeting

A.             Chapter Name/Number: North Central Chapter-11

B.             Current Membership Count: 118

C.             Tax Identification Information (EIN): Federal EIN 27 2578246

D.             Incorporation Status and State of Domicile N/A

E.              IRS Tax-Exempt Status (501c3 or c6, other, or n/a): Nonprofit, small tax-exempt organization receiving all revenue from AMWA, which is a 501(c)(3).

F.              Chapter Leadership/Officers                  (Name, Title and Term of Service)

Nissa Mollema, Immediate Past President, 1 year

Karen Bannick, President, 1 year

Rebecca Dahlberg, President-elect, 1 year

Venugopal Thayanithy, Treasurer, 2nd year of 3 years

Naomi Ruff, Secretary, 3rd of 3 years

Lynelle Martinez, Co-secretary, 1st of 3 years


G.             Delegate(s) Assigned for BOD meeting

Rebecca Dahlberg, President-elect, 1 year


H.             List of Chapter committees (Name of Committee, Chair, and goals)


Financial Committee: Ellen O’Malley, chair

Performs the yearly audit of financial records. Works with the Treasurer and chapter officers.


Membership Committee: no chair at present

Identifies way to recruit new members, works to understand the needs of the members and reaches out to lapsed members.


Program Committee: Theresa King-Hunter, chair

Works to develop several events yearly to educate and encourage networking for the members. At least 1 of these events covers a writing or scientific topic and at least 1 event should be held outside of the Twin Cities, preferably in Rochester, the region with the second-largest concentration of members.


Publication Committee: Kendra Hyland, chair

Develops content for the monthly newsletter, including announcement of chapter events and other items of interest to members. The newsletter has ongoing features such as “What We Do,” which offers our members a glimpse into chapter members’ various vocations and includes notes from the chapter book club, summaries of local and national events, and profiles of chapter members.


Wisconsin Regional Chair: Vacant

North Dakota Regional Chair: Nancy Gustafson (no activity to report)

South Dakota Regional Chair: Vacant


I.               Brief Financial Status

Chapter is well within budget for the year and finances are progressing as projected. Chapter plans to spend $500 on travel for the delegate to the Spring BOD meeting, approximately $20 for a gift card incentive for the member survey, and are planning on using Survey Monkey to administer the member survey.

Please provide a general status of chapter finances, including plans for revenue generation or anticipated spending activities and how such activities fulfill the AMWA mission.


J.               2016 Chapter Conference dates and Conference Chair (if applicable)

No Chapter Conference is planned at this time. Program events (Spring and Fall) are to be determined.


K.             Summary of Progress since last report

The Executive Committee hosted one happy hour networking event in November which was attended by 1 AMWA member and 1 non-AMWA member along with 2 Executive Committee members. In light of the poor attendance, further happy hours are postponed until we can survey the members and determine how to best serve their needs. The Executive Committee is updating a member survey sent out in 2013 and plans to survey the members in March or April. We are considering an incentive, such as a drawing for a gift card, to encourage participation.

The chair of the Membership Committee, Jenny Michlitsch, has resigned her position. We are exploring a merger of two committees (Membership and Program) and a small group will be discussing the concept, considering the pros and cons of having one committee take on both activities, and will make a long-term decision soon.

In November, Nissa Mollema, chapter past-President, presented a workshop entitled “Word Tips and Tricks.” It was attended by 5 AMWA members and was well received by the participants.

The Publication committee continues to put together a monthly newsletter. The Chair, Kendra Hyland, and several volunteers will be reviewing the content on the website and updating the content as needed.

The Chapter Book Club meets 3 times a year. They last met in January and discussed White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine by Carl Elliott. They plan to meet in April to discuss The Violinist’s Thumb: And other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by Our Genetic Code by Sam Kean, and in September to discuss Ticked: A Medical Miracle, a Friendship, and the Weird World of Tourette Syndrome by James A. Fussell and Jeffrey P. Matovic.


L.             List of Action Items or Discussion Items

The chapter has been struggling to engage members in networking and education events in the last 6 months. In order to better serve our members, we are revising the survey used in 2013 and then we will administer the updated survey.