Chapter Report – Fall 2013


Fall 2013 – Board of Directors Meeting

(Due 10/4/13)

    1. North Central Chapter–11
    2. Current Membership Count: 132
    3. Tax Identification Information (State EIN or Federal ID): Federal EIN 27 2578246
    4. IRS Tax-Exempt Status (501c3 or c6, other, or n/a):
      Nonprofit, small tax-exempt organization receiving all revenue from AMWA, which is a 501(c)(3).
    5. Chapter Leadership/Officers effective Oct 1, 2013
      • Theresa King-Hunter, Immediate Past President, 1 year
      • Ruth Taswell, President, 1 year
      • TBD, President-elect, 1 year
      • Joy Frestedt, Treasurer, 2nd year of 3 years
      • Carolyn Peterson, Co-Secretary, 2nd year of 3 years
      • Naomi Ruff, Co-Secretary, 1st year of 3 years
    6. Delegate(s) Assigned for BOD meeting
      • Ruth Taswell, President
      • Theresa King-Hunter, Immediate Past President
    7. List of Chapter committees
      • Finance Committee: Karen Bannick, chair (confirmation pending)
        • Members: Theresa King-Hunter
        • Update: Change in check signatory to treasurer (Joy Frestedt)
      • Membership Committee: Jenny Michlitsch, Chair
        • LinkedIn manager: Mary Van Beusekom
        • Members: Mary Beth Nierengarten, Colleen Sauber
        • Update: Membership survey developed by Executive Committee given to committee to review
      • Program Committee: Karen Steinhilber, Chair
        • Members: Joy Frestedt, Charyl Dutton Gibbs, Nancy Gustafson, Theresa King-Hunter, Marty Swain, Ruth Taswell
        • Update: Spring event featured an informative and entertaining presentation by social media guru Lee Aase, who heads up Mayo Clinic’s Center for social Media.
      • Publications Committee: Deborah Sugerman, Chair
        • Editorial Assistant: Marie Fleisner
        • Members: Paul Mamula, Sharon Rosen, Scott Wessels
        • Update: A new editorial assistant has joined the committee. The monthly newsletter continues to provide the “What We Do” feature on chapter members’ various vocations, along with other feature topics, such as LinkedIn, as well as chapter book club notes, profiles of chapter members and announcements.
        • Wisconsin Regional Chair: Marie Fleisner
          • Update: No activity to report.
        • North Dakota Regional Chair: Nancy Gustafson
          • Update: No activity to report.
        • South Dakota Regional Chair: Jeff Kuper
          • Update: No activity to report.
        • Financial Status Report:
          See attachment.
        • 2013 Chapter Conference dates
            Planning began March 13 for single-speaker programs in early May and October. A Fall or Winter program has yet to be determined. Topics under consideration include: a tour of the University of Minnesota’s new Medical Devices Center in Minneapolis, expanding roles for writers or updates in diabetes.
        • Summary of Progress since last report
          • The Publications Committee Chair has organized a West-Side Happy Hour/Networking Event in the Twin Cities for October.
          • The Chapter Book Club has varied meeting times and locations to expand participation in its 3 meetings a year.
          • The Executive Committee (EC) developed a membership survey to better understand the needs of chapter members and determine services and benefits members might desire, given membership is so outspread (Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa and some areas of Wisconsin). The survey is under review by the new Membership Committee chair and members.
          • The EC is discussing inviting chairs of less active committees (Membership, Finance and Program) to participate in monthly EC calls to increase chapter activity.
          • Immediate Past President and President audited the budget due to no members on the Finance Committee.
          • Naomi Ruff has been appointed Co-Secretary. Marie Fleisner has been appointed Editorial Assistant. Confirmation pending for Karen Bannick as the new chair of the Finance Committee.
          • Chapter discussion groups in SE Minnesota and in the Twin Cities continue to focus on topics pertinent to medical writing and editing and project management.
        • List of Action Items or Discussion Items
          • The chapter has continued to struggle to find volunteers to participate on committees and fill leadership roles. The Executive Committee (EC) has no President-Elect appointed. The Finance Committee and the Publications Committee are short of members.


AMWA North Central Chapter

Budget for July 2013 – June 2014

Balance as of June 30, 2013


Projected receipts
  Chapter rebate from National ($18 x 136 chapter members)


  Chapter rebate from National (ref. Dec. 2012 rebate)


  Total projected receipts


Projected expenditures
  Fall and spring events (honoraria, facilities, refreshments)


  Delegate travel expenses (spring and fall meetings, 1 delegate each)


  Marketing (incl. competitive awards & advertising)


  Website hosting fee*


  Gifts for outgoing officers (3 officers)


  Teleconference charges (ILD Telecom: RollCall)


  Chapter meetings (e.g., refreshments)


  E-mail marketing service


  Membership mailing costs (postage & envelopes)


  Total projected expenditures


Projected balance for June 30, 2014


*Website hosting fee estimated $300 to cover 3 years, through October 2016.

Prepared by Alexandra Woods, Treasurer (through September 30, 2013)

Approved August 15, 2013