Chapter Report – Fall 2012


Fall 2012 – Board of Directors Meeting

1. North Central Chapter – 11

2. Current Membership Count  – 130

3. Tax Identification Information (State EIN or Federal ID) – Available upon request.

4. IRS Tax-Exempt Status (501c3 or c6, other, or n/a) – non-profit, small tax-exempt organization receiving all revenue from AMWA, which is a 501(c)(3).

5. Chapter Leadership/Officers

Karen Steinhilber, Immediate Past President, 1 Year
Theresa King-Hunter, President, 1 Year
??, President-elect, 1 Year
Alexandra Woods, Treasurer, 3 Years
Carolyn Peterson, Co-Secretary, 1 Year
Mary Pat McGinnis, Co-Secretary, 1 Year

6. Delegate(s) Assigned for BOD meeting

Karen Steinhilber – Immediate Past President, 1 year
Theresa King-Hunter – President, 1 year

7. List of Chapter committees  (Name of Committee, Chair, and goals)

Finance Committee: Michele Burlew
Membership Committee: Stephanie Kuohujoki
Program Committee: Marty Swain
Publications Committee: Deborah Sugerman

8. Brief Financial Statement

Deposits: $2,070
Disbursements: $2,699.75
Account balance as of June 30, 2012: $16,351.26
(Please see below.)

9. 2013 Chapter Conference dates (if applicable) – Not applicable

10. Summary of Progress since last report:

The North Central Chapter spring program, Health Care Innovation and Communication included a tour of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI), where a “think big, start small and move fast” philosophy to transform health care delivery is in place. The group took a guided tour of CFI and got a sneak preview of how medical care could look in the not-so-distant future. Following the tour, the group attended a panel discussion featuring members of the Public Affairs staff, who brought with them the newest addition to the center, a talking robot.

Chapter semi-monthly lunch meetings are focusing on topics pertinent to medical writing and editing (eg, writing efficient queries to the author), project management (eg, juggling multiple assignments), and others.

The North Central Chapter Publications Committee has initiated a new feature for the chapter monthly newsletter that focuses on “what we do.” The feature offers our membership a glimpse into our chapter members’ various vocations.

Nancy Gustafson has been appointed as our North Dakota Regional Chair.

Finally, the North Central Chapter is currently in the process of identifying new officers and chair committees for the 2012-2013 year.

11. List of Action Items or Discussion Items

None at this time

12. Financial Report. Complete report posted in the password-protected Archives.